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tv   News  ABC  October 19, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now "good morning, maryland." welcome in on this tuesday morning. i will tell you. what i think it was a quarter to three, boom, lightning outside. we have not let up yet. >> yes, it's ugly out there. just in. >> yeah. thanks for that wonderful introduction. it's ugly, justin let's go to maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we have had lightning early this morning. most of which passed off to the eastern shore. we got it in baltimore anne arundel county and delaware. as you can see, the beltway system i-70 back to 795, 83, and 95 northeast all getting pretty heavy rains which means the roads are wet even when the rain comes to evened, there's another band of rain to the northwest. so round one coming through.
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and may ease up a little bit. there's sprays from the car in front of you and it's slick. other bands of rain will impact us through the morning commute but after nine or 10 we should see the improvement across the area. temperatures around 50 in baltimore. 48 towards hagerstown and a warmer 56 on down towards southern maryland. cool air wind out today, 48 degrees in ellicott city and our two degree guarantee heading into the afternoon, partly sunny as we aim for 63. here kim brown with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. incidents are beginning to improve. 95 southbound approaching caton avenue, the earlier crash is cleared off to the shoulder. so traffic is able to flow freely from minor delays existing from russell street. looking at the beltway, traffic looks good around 695. no issues on 95 corridor. heads up in joppatowne philidelphia road reopen at joppa road. we had an earlier crosh that brought poles and wires down but they block the intersection in phoenix at merryman's mill road and sunny brook and earlier
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fire activity in could beiesville york road reopened at shilling road this morning. it's 5:32. we are following a developing story out of harrisburg, pennsylvania war deadly fire has killed four small children and one adult. we told you about this story about 30 minutes ago. fire started a little before 8:00 last night. sherrie johnson has new reaction this morning. >> reporter: it took 50 firefighters about 45 minutes to put out the fire in the state capital. a 48-year-old woman and four children died in this fast moving row home fire. woman who died in the children ranged from 2 to 4 years old. investigators say the home had smoke detechors but they were not functioning at the time. four other people are homeless because of this fire. firefighters say the fire spread vertically and horizontally. for fighters found three victims on the second floor and two on the third floor. the fire causeded extensive damage to at least three of the homes and caused smoke and
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water damage to the other two. >> anything could have happened. i just hope it was electrical or something and no one caused the fire. i don't understand why they didn't get out and why they couldn't get out. >> reporter: this is cd one of the deadliest fire and other one in 1982 where five children were killed. reporting live from the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. annapolis officials are considering installing speed cameras near school zones to slow you down. the police chief is going to brief a city council committee later on tonight on this issue and the cameras must abe proved by the city council vote. in this morning's consume are alert, check your medicine cabinet, the consumer health care is recalling tylenol capsules after a moldy smell complaint. the recall involves 8 hour caplets and 50 count bottles. the company says the recall is a precautionary one and that this
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is the risk. the food and drug administration is telling a iowa egg company to clean up act or they will be shut down. they recalled hundreds of millions of eggs over the summer. and the fda told the owner to take prompt and aggressive actions to eliminate salmonella contamination thought to have made 1600 people sick this year. 5:35 on this tuesday morning. it's the campaign countdown to the vital midterm election. two weeks exactly from today, an american politics is in the overdrive. emily schmidt with the report this morning out of washington. emily. >> reporter: two weeks until midterm election, republicans who are not on the ballot are hitting campaign trail against a democrat who is not on the ballot. >> keep the obama machine from continuing to roll over the american people. >> mr. obama, and your czars, you are next because now we can see 2012 from our house. >> reporter: sarah palin
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launched the tea party express 19-state bus tour moving until election day. an he can collusive interview with abc news john mccain says america is frustrated with the obama led washington. >> this is the most partisan administration that i have ever seen. >> reporter: democrats are hitting the road just as hard. >> don't be fooled, don't be played, and don't stay home. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we must. yes, we will. >> reporter: new york seven candidates for governor shared a stage for the first and only scheduled debate. tea party backed republican carl paladino didn't attack democrat andrew cuomo but after a weekend debate for kentucky senate seat turned so contense the candidates didn't even shake hand at the end, republican rand paul says he he may skip debate with democrat jack conway. >> i am not sure if i will appear in public with someone who will question my religion. >> reporter: there's big money coming in now as well. president obama last night raised 400,000 dollars in
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maryland while the first lady headlined an event bringing in $1 million for democrats. emily schmidt, abc news washington. >> 5:37 on thursday, former president bill clinton is scheduled to attend a rally in baltimore for governor o'malley. it will be held at federal hill park. o'malley camp say tickets are free but you do need to have one. we are told the gates will open at 3:00. it's 5:37. chaos in the courtroom. >> a man on trial for rape loses his cool and the whole rampage is caught on tape. plus, you know we have gotten bills higher than we expected. but can you imagine getting one saying you owe more than billion dollars? it happened to a woman. taking the train and bus? here's mta mark jones. >> reporter: good morning out there right now on the buses look for heavy volume of passengers on the 13, 7 and 22 bus lines. number 35 bus running about 30 minutes late out there. and overall allow extra time to get there due to the wet roadways and weather.
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marc train system cannedon and- - canton and 10 lines on schedule. for the m-ta transit team, i am mark jones. [ electronic humming ] [ announcer ] complete opposites... in complete harmony. introducing the sport hybrid. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ dance rock ] ♪ hey ♪ [ woman vocalizing ] the combination only honda could engineer. the all-new cr-z sport hybrid. ♪ [ woman vocalizing ]
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now maryland most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. we will look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar and switch it up over to full screen. the heaviest rain is pushing through elkton and chesapeake city and heading off to the east. 5:48 mckie 1 and it's wet morning. we had empty rains and downpours through white marsh and you are look at it on the east side of the beltway. but it's exitth region and another band of the rain up to the north will slide through as we have on and off weather to deal with. close to half an inch of rain in towson with just under a quarter of an inch of rain .20 in bel air and .28 in elkton. that's the rainfall so far today a few storms possible for the next couple hours and then we will turn partly sunny with a cool afternoon and two degree guaranteed high of 63. be careful on the roads this morning. let's get the latest on the track with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, justin. we are looking at several
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incidents around the area including a disabled vehicle or object on roadway 95 northbound at 195. no reports of any lane blockages as of yet. but we have a disabled vehicle northbound in fort mchenry tunnel block far right lane in the far right tube. expect minor delays going through there and dealing with downed wires also blocking the intersection up in phoenix maryland at merryman's mill road. keep that in mind. linda so has the latest details on one of the top stories. >> reporter: it's not your typical police investigation. i am linda so, why officers mistakenly thought a woman was dead when in fact she was alive.
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it's now 5:45. a neighbor hadn't seen her for days. she called 911 and police go into the house and go upstairs to the bathroom where they find her on the floor. police say there was a smell of death. so they called the funeral home. abc2 news linda so tells us just when they get ready to move the body, the woman moves on her own. linda. >> reporter: well, jamie, not only did she move her arm burks she also took a keith prep -- deep breath. now the county chief wants to know why they department call for help right away. it started two weeks when a neighbor noticed the mail piling up at ruth johnson's house. neighbors looked after the 89-year-old who lived alone. a county sergeant and patrol officer responded to the home and found johnson lying in the bathroom. instead of checking for a pulse and calling paramedic, the officers contacted the woman's son and the state athad in the mi board because she wanted to donate her body to science.
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>> it's hard news to understand. why they didn't call the paramedics right away. >> reporter: johnson was hospitalized and taken to hospice where she died this weekend. the two officers involved are still on active duty while the investigation is underway. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. >> today a man and a teenage convict in the death of ken harris are scheduled to be sentenced. charles mcgahee and the other man were found guilty and gary collins was convict of robbery but not murder. the former city councilman was killed two years ago outside a new haven lounge in northeast baltimore. visitation will be held tonight at wiley funeral home in randalltown for a infant killed allegedly by her own father. timothy lieuis is being held without bail. police say he confessed to strangling his 6-month-old daughter chloe. police believe it was not
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accidental because the medical examiner found rib fractures on the infant. lewis park heights neighbors call him a respectful good young man and now they are left trying to come to grips with what they call unthinkable. >> i couldn't ask for a better neighbor. i call him my son. so, it's a sad horrible situation and if he did it, i would like to beat the devil out of him. >> lewis had sole custody of his daughter and has no prior criminal record. 5:47. baltimore area remembers a media legend. john h murphy iii the former pb lisher of the afro american newspapers passed away at age of 94. he was the third generation of the family to get involved with the baltimore newspaper and those a worked with him says he leaves a lasting mark not only on the paper but the community as well. >> i think his legacy should be just being a man that believed
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very strongly in this paper very strongly and the black community very strongly in baltimore. >> services will be tomorrow at noon at the st. james eepiscopal church on arlington avenue. the greatest rave among them all is -- rain among them -- raven among them all was on hand to introduce his rl52 selection. those who attend got a -- got a free t-shirts and portion of the proceed went to the ray family family foundation which he says drives his booming ventures off the field. >> that's the total vision everything whoa create has to have a foundation component. it has to sm way give back to somebody to make someone smile. because making money is that's whatever is going to be. but having influence over someone's life that is where it comes from. >> and as for the clothes, ray lewis says they reflect his
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personality, to use his words snugy and hugy e says he is got a number of other business ventures in the works. way to go 52. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> 5:49. you will need something water proof this morning. most of the heavy rain has passed off toward the east, there's wet weather to contend with and at 50 right now, here in baltimore, marveling the mark up towards philidelphia in 45 and notice the band of rain sliding through. this is the frontal boundary and the front that helps to bring in lightning and thunder mix in a couple hours ago. most of that heavy rain passing off to the east into northern delaware and central southern new jersey getting clobbered. and that extends towards philly and harrisburg and york. one last band of rain sliding through. so we have ourselves that before we can get into the drier air. that should make it through by
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the afternoon. high pressure build in behind this frontal boundary and that gives us some clearing and colder weather. we will try to break up the clouds this afternoon and we should get into the clearing and duel weather overnight a few more disturbances sliding down the pike that will enhance the chance of some scattered showers tomorrow and again on thursday. that's pretty much what we expect and will clear things up heading through tonight and tomorrow. and the energy with the disturbance stays down towards the south but i think we are in the realm of getting popup showers into the afternoon just because the area is so cool in the little spins are disturbance in the as moss fear may help to enhance showers. but otherwise not a complete washout. we will do it again on thursday as we head into the afternoon after a sunny start and build up clouds and that system gives us a chance of popup showers in the afternoon. and it will be cold enough air there could be snow mixed in with the showers to the mountain to the north and west. not here, back west. today, 63 our two degree guaranteedch after morning rain we expect a little clearing, but if anything the afternoon will
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be dry and overnight under a partly cloudy sky we will slide back to about 45. as we check out extend forecast, one thing you will notice is we stay near or below normal. for tomorrow, 62. and low of 44 with scattered showers mainly in the afternoon. 64 degrees on thursday. and we will drop it to about 62 on friday. and lows in the 35 to 40 range but the weekend looks like we will push in warmer air and it will be nice. 68 saturday. 70 sunday and sunday showers arriving late in the afternoon. we will extend for the early part of next week. here kim with check on traffic. >> reporter: thanks. the yerl disabled vehicle we had northbound in fort mchenry tunnel has been cleared but what we have now instead is an accident blocking the left lane as you approach the right tube. does that make sense? traffic get around that easily to the right. but expect minor delays and we have some downed wires block intersection at murrayman's mills road up in phoenix this morning. so keep that in mind as you make are way around and looking at the beltway, traffic is moving
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well although the roads are very slick and we have some hazardous driving conditions. drivers are keeping their speeds down so take it easy. stay with us because we have more of your news, weather and traffic when good morning -- "good morning, maryland" returns after this. 3q
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in portland oregon a man on trial for rape lot of it. this is last tuesday. while the victim was testifying e. began yelling and flipped over the table where he was sitting. surveillance video caught up a the behavior on film. here you can see the man pushing await officers trying to subdue him. it took three to finally get him under control. the map was convict on sex abuse and the witness tampering charges. he hat not been sen ended yet. a guy near st. louis who says officer roughed him up is protesting in a very unusual way. he started driving around with this sign on his truck that reads what a short, fat and round all over? a burns mill cop. oh. rich stephen says instead of filing a complaint he is challenging the officer how about a fight, let's go. teak out a full page ad in a local newspaper claiming officer
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tim walker kicked and shoved him into a police car for no reason. >> if every officer that pulled them over and if they were chal tonged fighting match, certainly, this those officers would all be suspend or lose their job. >> people think i am a little nutty, and i am calling him out. he's tough guy behind the badge and guns. he needs to drop it and see how toughest. >> oh, boy. police he says formal complaints are investigated and says poke fun at police is too far and stevens has yet to hear from officer walker but hopes he will accept the invitation. talk about an electrical shock. imagine getting more than one million dollar bill from your gas and electric company. it happened. we are talking billion with a b. she lives in georgia with her husband and three children. they were able to correct the bill bringing it down to something that sound more
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reasonable. 287 dollars. the family says they are able to laugh about it. speak of a billion dollars you figure something is wrong. >> i told you to tournament bathroom light off. i am telling you. all right. if there's a teenage in your household, i am sure that they wait for the time when they get the car keys. >> yeah. this morning, we have the top five mistakes two drivers make and how to help them avoid the mistakes. and self-esteem is an important character in your young daughter. we will show you how to get help from hess any street. 3q
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